Custom Rods

In a world more and more globalized, where the standard is in the order of the day and individuality is being lost, having a unique piece that no one else in the world has is a way to stand out. If you like to be original, genuine, unique or simply like to fish with the best possible quality rods, you are in the correct place.

7even Custom Rods is where supreme quality and your individuality are serious matters.


You may have a rod that is losing the varnish, has rusted guides, the grip falling apart or has remains of Fish and bait stuck to it. It could be a very special rod for you because it was with you to catch the big fish or because it has other sentimental value to you. Rebuilding that rod will bring back the sparkle in a more or less exuberant way bringing back to you all the priceless memories. The vast experience that 7even Custom Rods has in rod repairs goes to your needs and choices to obtain the results that you wish.


7even Custom Rods with the knowledge and experience acquired in more than two decades dedicated to the sport Fishing industry has a profound knowledge about the components used in the building and repair of Fishing rods.

The blanks are chosen thinking in the specific needs and fishing techniques that the client wants and for the way he is going to use it.

The guides, reel seats and other small components are all of high quality and chosen with the clients approval. Titanium and stainless steel are indispensable materials for guide frames as aluminum and graphite in the reel seats.

In the making of the grips we use some innovations and techniques developed by 7evenCustom Rods. The cork that we use is from Portugal from Cork4us. They present a quality incomparable and helps to give lightness and sensibility that no other material gives to a rod. We also use eva and many other materials to make grips.

If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact us.