The Builder

“I remember when I asked myself about the cost of some factory rods. I did not understand why they cost so much and offer so little.

Soon I understood that I could modify those rods, make them better and make them unique. That is how this passion was born. This obsession makes me try to be better every day and makes me create new techniques that allow me to elevate the rods that I build to a level never seen before.

I strive in the creation of something unique for each client, something that is much more than a simple Fishing rod. Something that could be a motif of pride, that the owner can show to his friends, to go fishing or simply to admire.

All of them are made with love but also with the objective of Fishing, but if anyone just wants to admire them it’s ok, it’s something I understand. If I could, all of the rods that I build will stay in exhibition, untouchable, just to admire.

Come in and get to know my world.” nunoassinatura


Nuno Paulino, recognized as one of the best rodbuilders in the world.

In 1992 he began repairing and modifying rods. In 2004 he started to build custom rods, creating new techniques and using materials never used before.

Nuno is part of the American Tackle prostaff.

During the years he saw his work and some technique articles being published in several national and international magazines.

All the quality of his work was recognized in 2015 when he won the first world rodbuilding contest.